Friday, April 25, 2008

Dedicated to Swati

I really didn't think in my faintest imagination that i"ll be writing this one day(night..its past 11:00).Now,that you are about to leave,i realize the gravity of the situation.You are leaving behind a deep void which can't be occupied by any another atom in the crystal(hope u get the chemistry behind this).Though I'm really happy for you but the pain of parting is difficult to endure.
I want to confess something through this medium.I didn't approve you as a friend initially.Your non stop chit chats always used to irritate me.I used to pester Parul
"from where did you find her?".If I'm not wrong,since January those hostile feelings became less intense.May be i got used to your presence or something magical took place just like in Hogwarts(i still live in the world of fantasy).I started enjoying your presence.Your attitude was kind of chilled out and you started taking things easily(or was it the magic of winters).When I look back at those days,i can't help but smile at my childish attitude or bachpana(that would be an appropriate word).
But,but i was impressed by your verbal skills right from day one.Your confidence on stage floored me.I really wish i had confidence like you.
I'm gonna miss our early morning hassles over the most cherished corner.Our bitchy talks about Ms.FA still reverberate in my ears.Gobbling on the contents of our lunch boxes in between lectures,copying out FA questions,pestering each other over refilling of water bottles etc.All of these memories shall persist somewhere in the back of our minds.
You remember our first trip to Anand's?Three of us were complaining about the ambiance until the 'birayani' arrived.The experience was ultimately worth it.It was past seven and your dad had called up to ask about your whereabouts.That night was an adventure in itself.Non-stop gossip sessions in Metro Walk and Central park were enthralling.Yours and Shobit's narrations of PN's classes never ceased to amuse us.Hats off to both of you for tolerating such a teacher.I think our last (formal)day together(at Venu's place) also deserves special attention.You very well know the 'reasons'.I bet you'll always smile whenever you'll think of that day.
We've been together for almost an year.I had underestimated the intensity of our bond.I'm not gonna miss you because
yaad unhe kiya jata ha jinhe hum bhula dete hain
(another filmy dialogue).
Through this blog i just wanted to seal some sweet memories forever.My eyes are welled up with tears as i conclude this(Its already past 1:00).
I sincerely hope that all your wishes are fulfilled(just like this one)and you achieve all that you deserve.Don't forget to invite us in your marriage.


Parul said...

So true yar!!! uv summed up d entire year so well..:) I cudnt help shedding a couple of tears myself. I had never thought dat il b attatched to Swati this much. Last 3 months have been rilli amazing as v 3 had actually started gelling well. Swati u made our gang so lively. Had it not been 4 u, v wud hav been bored to death in our dear college!! ;)
N yea.. d special bitching sessions v had were really engrossing, where v discussed evrything rite 4m teachers to personal issues!
Lastly i wud like 2 say vl MISS U a lot babes!!(n m mentioning dis too, dat dnt 4get to invite us on ur wedding)

TM said...

yaad unhe kiya jata ha jinhe hum bhula dete haingud one... btw i read only this line in this blog.. :)