Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bbye third sem

This post comes after a really long and a well deserved break. Third semester is very much over (what a relief!) and I have stepped into another grueling year. I’d call it grueling because it is the year of company visits (DEPENDS!) and hence placement activities. I am halfway through my post graduation and I congratulate myself for surviving through THREE SEMESTERS! I wanted to pen down few sentiments of the last six months.
The new session in August began after a two month hiatus. It felt nice to meet everyone after such a long gap. It seemed as if somebody had pressed F5 to refresh all of us. Moreover, there was this palpable excitement to have a look at our juniors .Many teachers had left the institute for greener pastures in NCR and therefore lots of new faces could be seen in the faculty room. By the way, I was bored of looking at those same old faces repeatedly addressing us every other day in one room .So; there I was, in a new room with new neighbors and new gossips.

The main highlight of the year was ‘FRESHERS PARTY’. It is the only party in the entire year. After loads of planning and brainstorming sessions over the venue, events and invites, the party was finally coordinated at CafĂ© Morrison. My God! What a party! Though I don’t really see myself as a party person and get bored easily, this one just surpassed my expectations.
The year saw expected breakups and surprisingly new linkups ;) and this reminds me of the aforementioned STAR of the hearts(he's graduated from being the star of the class). His popularity rose up further and he was basking in the glory of his stardom. I think he’s like this tempting piece of a truffle cake which everyone wants to ‘savor’. He was perpetually swarmed with members of both the sexes (ahem!).I see that happening this year as well. Even our teachers couldn’t resist his magnetic charisma. He could easily convince most of them. I’m still trying to figure out that aspect of his persona which has impressed everyone. Is it his effervescent smile, his one-liners or his happy go lucky attitude? I consider myself lucky to have such an adorable friend.
I saw the most dramatic change I have ever seen in a friend (I’ll refer to him as Sir). He was finally out of trance and became the ‘Baap’ of all trades. He had facts about every topic worth its salt, right from the much publicized tunnel experiment to the extracurricular activities of our institute. Sir formed a dance society in an institute like ours! I applaud his determination and passion towards achieving his targets. Another friend effortlessly presented a research paper amongst a group of scholars and surprise! He won the first prize for the best paper. Now, this is what I call bringing out your inherent talents .Unlike previous semesters, this time he didn’t insist on sitting on a fixed desk in the corner. My companion was at her usual cheery self, always lifting up the spirits with her infectious smile and effusive manner.
I consider myself fortunate to have been blessed with such a wonderful company of friends. I can’t even imagine surviving in such a competitive and restraining environment without them. In the first place I could never visualize myself doing MCA and that too with a long lost school friend. We had parted ways after school and occasionally bumped into each other during our graduation days. Moreover, all of us are completely different as individuals and being an introvert I had never thought that I would get to hang around with such outgoing people. I guess all of us were somehow destined to meet. All of them actually make my life worth living and enjoying. Love you all!


Parul said...

It feels so gud to read ur blogs ya.. rilli nicely written. U r so
generous wid words. I think we need a pat on our backs for completin '3' great sems in a college like ours!! ;) Evn i agree wid u on dis dat survivin here wud hv been pretty tuff, had it not been for such great
frnz. All of u make my day too..

Coming to d STAR :).. I ges he shud strt acknowledging d attention he gets! Itni modesty b achi nai hai. To SIR, hats off!! I usualli wonder where does he get all dat stamina from(phewww), he's some multitasking OS i tl u.. lolz(bad one i knw). Lastly, d third is more dan wot v knw him(courtesy his deep thoughts).
Nd u my dear, i cnt describe.. rilli lucky to hav u beside me alwaz!!
CHEERS to us..!!

TM said...

congrats on completing 3 sems..he he

vikas said...

wel,i guess its really sick on my part to read this post an year later.
but there is one good thing in this,it just revived all the old memories.
u write so brilliantly yaar...srsli.
n wel, d STAR is still the STAR....:)
n d researcher is making his way to another one.good luck to him for that.
n parul is d hasmukh after all,so no comments though :P
n u,wel i gues i wrote everything abou wat i feel for u in ur slam :)