Friday, April 25, 2008

Dedicated to Swati

I really didn't think in my faintest imagination that i"ll be writing this one day(night..its past 11:00).Now,that you are about to leave,i realize the gravity of the situation.You are leaving behind a deep void which can't be occupied by any another atom in the crystal(hope u get the chemistry behind this).Though I'm really happy for you but the pain of parting is difficult to endure.
I want to confess something through this medium.I didn't approve you as a friend initially.Your non stop chit chats always used to irritate me.I used to pester Parul
"from where did you find her?".If I'm not wrong,since January those hostile feelings became less intense.May be i got used to your presence or something magical took place just like in Hogwarts(i still live in the world of fantasy).I started enjoying your presence.Your attitude was kind of chilled out and you started taking things easily(or was it the magic of winters).When I look back at those days,i can't help but smile at my childish attitude or bachpana(that would be an appropriate word).
But,but i was impressed by your verbal skills right from day one.Your confidence on stage floored me.I really wish i had confidence like you.
I'm gonna miss our early morning hassles over the most cherished corner.Our bitchy talks about Ms.FA still reverberate in my ears.Gobbling on the contents of our lunch boxes in between lectures,copying out FA questions,pestering each other over refilling of water bottles etc.All of these memories shall persist somewhere in the back of our minds.
You remember our first trip to Anand's?Three of us were complaining about the ambiance until the 'birayani' arrived.The experience was ultimately worth it.It was past seven and your dad had called up to ask about your whereabouts.That night was an adventure in itself.Non-stop gossip sessions in Metro Walk and Central park were enthralling.Yours and Shobit's narrations of PN's classes never ceased to amuse us.Hats off to both of you for tolerating such a teacher.I think our last (formal)day together(at Venu's place) also deserves special attention.You very well know the 'reasons'.I bet you'll always smile whenever you'll think of that day.
We've been together for almost an year.I had underestimated the intensity of our bond.I'm not gonna miss you because
yaad unhe kiya jata ha jinhe hum bhula dete hain
(another filmy dialogue).
Through this blog i just wanted to seal some sweet memories forever.My eyes are welled up with tears as i conclude this(Its already past 1:00).
I sincerely hope that all your wishes are fulfilled(just like this one)and you achieve all that you deserve.Don't forget to invite us in your marriage.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oops! forgot to include the stars

Well! I got few suggestions today and I thought some people shouldn't have been left out of this blog.
How in the world could i forget to include the "STAR" of our class(at least our gang thinks that way).He's actually the most famous personality of our class with a lot of female fans.He's what you call the "chuppa rustam" guy(though he's too modest to agree to that).
I sat with him for few hours today and i could see him getting restless.Its difficult to pin point the reason, might be lectures or he didn't have anyone to talk to.Normally,either he's listening to the lecture or he's busy chatting around.He has this gift of gab and he's always ready with an appropriate answer to the most weird question.His "partners in crime" were conspicuous by their absence today.One of them(if present on rare occasions)is usually found scribbling in his note book or yawning(which then spreads to the front row like a tsunami wave).The other guy is either in a trance state or is busy with Spellathon or Sudoku.He also manages to catch up with his sleep(though he has been caught a number of times)in between the lectures.
Today was THE EARTH DAY...just watered my plants for a change(no pledges,no promises nothing from my side).
Getting back to my "lovely" class,my partner is on a special high these days...for not one but two reasons(both can't be disclosed here).Today also,i forgot to take Alchemist for her...hopefully I'll remember to take it tomorrow.My "better half" as usual was in her ecstatic state today..yesterday she was kind of down so it was good to see her back in normal form.Her infectious smile always lifts up my spirits.
Front bencher's...i think they deserve 3 cheers from my side Hip hip hurray-3
Man,how can anyone endure so much torture..i mean-7 hours is like too much.
Mr.K in the left corner,as usual paying attention in the lecture...though he's talkative and got few stares from the teacher today.He always completes his lab files and is kind enough to circulate them in the whole class.At times,he rotates by 180 degree to chat with his friends but due to bad luck he mostly gets caught.
But i like his jovial nature,always smiling.Sitting next to him are two "best friends",no wonder they are always together in the college,be it canteen or corridors.Second row is a very diverse and an unusual row.There's an artist,who was caught red handed today and was punished and his brainy friend who's always talking about books and exams.Two charming beauties are sitting next to both of them,they are mostly giggling or messaging.I often see them laughing hilariously in awkward situations.
So..this is today's story...calling it off for today
Hopefully tomorrow shall bring with it another adventurous day in college.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yawn...spinning head...watery eyes...yawn.I closed the shutter of my lens and leaned towards my desk.All of a sudden,i felt a tap on my shoulder
wake up,she's looking at you
I sat upright.Half heartily I strained hard to interpret the diagram on the blackboard but couldn't make-out any thing.In fact,it looked like a spaceship(psst...i was told later it was an NFA machine...u can guess how attentive I'm in the class;0).
I gulped mouthful of water to arouse from hypnotic state.

Unable to comprehend the words of our teacher,I started scrutinizing the lecture theater.Same old boring expressionless faces in the extreme right corner.The kind of torture being inflicted on them was evident on their faces.Then,i happened to check out the hottest guy of our class,his Brad Pitt looks took away my breath.Man..he was looking dashing even in a simple white tee.His eyes were glued to his cellphone and his fingers were in swift motion...must be messaging his girlfriend...lucky bitch.

I turned around to have a look at the back bencher's in the center row.A pair of chicks were murmuring as if there's no tomorrow.They were just going blah,blah,blah and none of the two was listening to the other.The girl in the center was scribbling something on the desk and her neighbor was cracking brains over a crossword puzzle.I turned around to glance behind my row.Two lovebirds were conversing through messages written on small chits and underneath the desk they were holding hands.Now,this is called 'spending quality time with each other".Once more i glanced at my dream guy,he was taking notes.I don't know how in the world he became conscious,he lifted his head,turned in my direction,flashed his billion dollar smile and went back to his notebook.That smile of his, made my day,i was in the ninth heaven.

I turned to my partner,her head was buried in THE FOUNTAINHEAD.In the center row i saw lots of heads absorbed in Sudoku puzzle.The game has become such a craze these days,its kind of fashionable to be caught cracking Sudoku puzzle.
The guy in front was forwarding innocuous messages.Thanks to this free messages scheme your cellphone never ceases to beep.His neighbor it seemed,was building castles in the air.For a change,I turn to our teacher and observed her attire.She urgently required a style makeover.I mean why can't these teachers dress up like Sush in Main Hoon Na.I'm sure,if they did,class room attendance would increase tenfolds.She glanced at me and i nodded in order to pretend my attentiveness in the lecture.I checked my watch,still 20 minutes left.
Lazily,i fend away flies and again started scanning the room.In the second row three chicks were mischievously giggling,must be discussing some nonsense about their respective boyfriends.Front bencher's were nodding aimlessly,poor things they didn't even have the luxury to fool around like me.But hey! one of them was sketching incessantly in his notebook.That guy surely had guts man!

The serene ambiance of the class was perturbed by our so called Ms.Topper.She had a question to ask and our teacher couldn't duck the googly thrown.I often wonder,where the heck do these people get questions from,in their already stuffed brains.Our teacher promised to clarify the doubt in the next lecture.
Not many people in the room were making an effort to listen lecture and then just before exams we end up grudging about the subject and the vast syllabus.I guess,this is the normal student psychology.Finally the most awaited moment of the class came
Attendance time,quiet everyone

announced our teacher.Everyone became alert ,after all for that precious moment only we endure so much of "torture".Everyone responded to their roll call with full enthusiasm.
This is how an hour glides away in a student's life.I was most attentive in the first five and the last five minutes of the lecture.When the teacher left,everyone stormed out of the classroom as if they had been acquitted from court.Suddenly everyone was infused with fresh energy.In the next few minutes most of us again "adapted" to our class room "conditions".This is a vicious circle and every "normal" student has to face these situations in his/her life.I guess,this makes a student's life more special and I'm sure most of us shall cherish these moments in our life later.