Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oops! forgot to include the stars

Well! I got few suggestions today and I thought some people shouldn't have been left out of this blog.
How in the world could i forget to include the "STAR" of our class(at least our gang thinks that way).He's actually the most famous personality of our class with a lot of female fans.He's what you call the "chuppa rustam" guy(though he's too modest to agree to that).
I sat with him for few hours today and i could see him getting restless.Its difficult to pin point the reason, might be lectures or he didn't have anyone to talk to.Normally,either he's listening to the lecture or he's busy chatting around.He has this gift of gab and he's always ready with an appropriate answer to the most weird question.His "partners in crime" were conspicuous by their absence today.One of them(if present on rare occasions)is usually found scribbling in his note book or yawning(which then spreads to the front row like a tsunami wave).The other guy is either in a trance state or is busy with Spellathon or Sudoku.He also manages to catch up with his sleep(though he has been caught a number of times)in between the lectures.
Today was THE EARTH DAY...just watered my plants for a change(no pledges,no promises nothing from my side).
Getting back to my "lovely" class,my partner is on a special high these days...for not one but two reasons(both can't be disclosed here).Today also,i forgot to take Alchemist for her...hopefully I'll remember to take it tomorrow.My "better half" as usual was in her ecstatic state today..yesterday she was kind of down so it was good to see her back in normal form.Her infectious smile always lifts up my spirits.
Front bencher's...i think they deserve 3 cheers from my side Hip hip hurray-3
Man,how can anyone endure so much torture..i mean-7 hours is like too much.
Mr.K in the left corner,as usual paying attention in the lecture...though he's talkative and got few stares from the teacher today.He always completes his lab files and is kind enough to circulate them in the whole class.At times,he rotates by 180 degree to chat with his friends but due to bad luck he mostly gets caught.
But i like his jovial nature,always smiling.Sitting next to him are two "best friends",no wonder they are always together in the college,be it canteen or corridors.Second row is a very diverse and an unusual row.There's an artist,who was caught red handed today and was punished and his brainy friend who's always talking about books and exams.Two charming beauties are sitting next to both of them,they are mostly giggling or messaging.I often see them laughing hilariously in awkward situations.
So..this is today's story...calling it off for today
Hopefully tomorrow shall bring with it another adventurous day in college.

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abhishek said...

i already said that i feel reading your linen again n again,just keep writing,and plz write more ...