Sunday, December 27, 2009

Class of 2010

Okk…a lot of people wished to read a post about our class authored by me :P. I never knew that so many of them had read the previous ones. Chalo…I am good at least something if nothing. However these days I am getting a feeling that I am losing my creative streak. It seems I have lost a part of me somewhere on a random path.

Naa jaane kyun Khud ko ek anjane mod par chod aaye
In Anjaane Raaston mein khud ki taalasha ha
Naino mein hain aanek saapne
Lekin Ek anjaane se khwaab ne sukoon cheen liya
Neend mein bhi ab woh chain na raha
Iss Khamoshi mein bhi hum kuch sun nahii paate
Koi Lotta de who din jinhe hum dhutkarte the
Woh Campus jiski buriiye ke liye alfaaz kabhi khatam nahi hote the
Woh din mere zahaan par gehra chaap chod gaye
Don’t mind…randomly jotted down these lines

Summing up MCA5 in this post seems like a Herculean task. There are certain moments which stay with you forever and it’s hard to put them into words. I am staring at that challenge. Anyhow, let me try.
Ever been to Taliban? Taliban is the cagiest and most talked about column or rather corner in MCA 5. Its inhabitants are certainly talented and unique. I mean the first placed student belongs to that corner. I saw a stupendous change in that guy’s body language after his placement. And guess what, for a change (underline): P he started checking out girls at the back bench from the corner of his eyes. N number of times I have caught him admiring and when I stared back at him he turned away. We have laughed like crazy about this. He actually fell for my friend, though I wonder why he could never gather the courage to express his admiration. Hahaha….how I wish he too would have had said “I like you”. And hey one guy actually came up with this statement. I am sure there are several guys who have fallen for her but have not really been upfront. Actually her infectious smile and sexy eyes are to be blamed. No wonder, had I been a guy, I too would have had proposed and I know her answer ;)

Inversely, the most adorable and comical guy in our class gets nervous before the opposite sex. He too belongs to that elusive corner. His naïve looks and expressions coupled with an exclusive voice have found several fans. And don’t go by his looks, he is damn good at writing codes. There are several other intelligent species belonging to that corner. They have been the recipients of teachers’ taunts and anger but each time they managed to win back the trust and brought a smile of relief on their faces. A point worth mentioning is - few of these Taliban’s infiltrated into the other column. Was it a conscious decision to do away with this tag? Or was it about being closer to “THE GANG”? Can’t really say for sure.

Let me talk about THE GANG! They resided at the last two rows and one can safely claim that that was the nosiest corner in our class. One could distinctly make out the shrill voice of the sole female member two floors down. Thanks to these gangsters, we witnessed a gruesome quarrel in the parking lot. Swear words were used without any inhibitions. However, I like their strong bonding. In terms of Chemistry, It’s like this strong bond between molecules that’s hard to be broken. And they are quite defensive for each other.

Coming to the central row, most of the members were always spotted in TPO’s cabin. Supposedly, they were said to be preparing database of companies or calling HR executives. What they are going to do with that database, God knows. Now, that could be my prejudice. Coming to Power puff girls. Such was their love, connection and concern for each other, all five of them used to share four chairs. Why alienate a single girl, right! Though one of them has a job and was not regular in classes. I always had this inkling-she would be the first one to grab an offer and she did it. There’s a certain spark in her that makes her stand apart from others. Then, one of them is the class topper. Her transformation from being a naughty and prank playing one in graduation days to a sincere student who religiously writes every other word spoken by the teacher surprises me to the core. She’s such a sincere student and she never hesitates to give her prized notebooks to back benchers like us. I wish we all could get to see the other side of her too. One of them is the most gregarious personality I have come across to this date. She’s so uniform and consistent with the way she approaches everyone. I am in awe of her joie de vivre aura. Then, we have this always on her toes gal. She is always reasoning with someone or preparing some list. Then there’s this girl who calls me Miss Santa (don’t know from where that came from). The real Santa at North Pole has granted her wish. She wants my Red Topi as a Christmas gift. All I would say is Santa loves her cap too and it’s not available in the shop anymore. So think again girl!

The second row is occupied by dudettes or shall I say ‘Chicks’ and a guy. Now, am not going to write how this Chicks thing came about :P And there’s a chick magnet too(Sorry! Couldn’t refrain from writing this). The guy is always seen with chicks or busy with placement work. We call him the photographer for their shoots.

The front row is home to mixed people. There’s this girl who shares her birthday with Christ. God! She’s so camera shy. I so wanted a picture with her but she and her shyness. Actually, can’t blame her. We Capricorns are somewhat shy in nature. And I think we share quite a number of qualities. The second girl is bubbly as bubbles in Champagne. Her ‘one of a kind’ perceptions are amusing and hilarious at times. Seated next to them are two studious boys. One of them says that he shall start company one day. Ambitious dreams!

Phew! 1000 words already! Editing would be a tough job. In our corner, there are three musketeers. I Like their Dosti. And I like their tripling ride to Rithala metro station. They remind of Amar, Akbar and Anthony. This reminds me of an interesting tit-bit -one of them is supposedly engaged and is set to be married soon. Though he always shuns it off as a rumor. That early morning AI lecture is still fresh in my memory- God I giggled like hell in that hour. Then there are two love birds. Some people supposedly have a problem with their relationship. I guess there’s a triangle or perhaps a polygon in there. “Duh!! It’s complicated!” Seated in front of us are “THREE ANGLES”. We were a ‘Close unit’ in the previous semester but then things got too close for comfort :P How could I forget the effervescent and vivacious reporter of our class. She knows everything about almost everyone. She was quite a help in gathering Xerox notes from different sources. Moreover, I like her nature. She’s simply Herself, no pretensions whatsoever at all.

Last corner is our abode. I somehow got attached to the second last row corner. Only three of us were regular throughout the semester. One of them was grappling with a ligament tear. At the start of session he claimed that he would be regular ‘just this one time’ but then destiny had other plans for him. His achievement “Won a paper presentation” has been used umpteen number of times in company presentations. Yet, I don’t know why he is kind of overlooked during important occasions. Again, I would attribute that to TPO Mam’s narrowed vision. The other one was busy throughout with Dance sessions and Placement work :p And what shall I say about the third one. I guess he’s the second most adorable guy in the class. Famous amongst, girls and boys alike. I know he wouldn’t want to read all this stuff about him. That’s the way he is- a real star. Last but not the least, my better half. Her popularity has soared tremendously in this semester and why not. People say that her presence has shadowed mine. But, I don’t think that way. In fact, it’s me who dominates at times and calls the shots. Actually, at our level of understanding and intimacy, these trivial things don’t matter. We are beyond this! Right Buddy!

My Post graduate life has been much better than I had imagined. It is said that each one us meets the other for a reason. There are certainly reasons that I came into DIAS and MCA 2007-10 batch particularly. I feel I am a new person altogether. Each and every person in this class is a unique stone in his or her way. And I guess most of us acknowledge each other for the way others are. That’s what I like about this class. Am gonna cherish these memories for years to come. However, I rue the fact that we didn’t have farewell party :( I have always longed for a post graduate farewell. Anyways, hopefully we will have a small party amongst us.


ruchi said...

hey thanks monika for accepting our request n writing d blog..

dis blog is no doubt is best among all(as in this u did'nt forget to include me lol)

blog is just awesome,no one in our mca v is left out...n u knw wat today only i get to knw that u r superb observer.....

u hv shown d complete picture of mca v,everything writen is just crystal cear...

i always admired u bt nw i hv become of fan of urs...

i really feeel and pray that u can become novel writer even script writer as that of chetan bhagat...
and become as popular as him..

phir mujhe bhul mat jaiyo..

god bless u

n keep writing n sending me d link

vikas said...

wel...atleast am satisfied with myslf for this 1 thng atleast,i read dis post on time...phew!!! gosh,how can i miss ur blogs yaar....monica u just portray life into writings....
u just write like a painter draws d dreams...its just so visual.
earlier,vn i enterd into mca, evry1 around me tried to make me believe that post grad aint that much good like grad.but i guess,all f thm are proved wrong...totally damn wrong.all u guys made my life yaar...mca is unimaginable widout u guys.i knw i hv let u guys down a lot f times,but i guess i cn make it up fr al dat if it aint that late :(
and wel,as of the descriptions f our clas in dis semester hs been great.but i gues u missed out on a lot f thngs.m sure dey r to follow in the next blog :P
last but not the least,dis 1 realy brought some tears in eyes...

monica said...

Me a novel writer Wow! Sounds great Ruchi but i know i am Miles away from that dream.
Thanks for your sweet as a honey comment.
Tere ko nahi bhoolungi yar...provided i don't go insane n meri memory theek thak rahe :P

Vikas : i am glad you read this.Lots of nice words for me in there. couldn't have asked for a better start to this day.I agree with you, without all of you mca would have had been a tough journey.i know i have missed out on a lot of things and will write another one probably.You got teary...awwww!I guess senti fever is spreading!

tanu said...

really its a live picture of our class....

nd yes think abt ruchi's suggestion...novel writer is nt bad fr a career option grl!!!

Think abt it!!....All the best!

sobhit said...

nice read lyk alwaz..

KSN said...

monica ji tussi to truly rock.
really an amazing blog.

shweta said...

Hey Miss Santa! Thanks for the extremely well-expressed blog.. a blog written from the bottom of your heart! thanks for summing up the whole class in just a few paras n consider this :) as a thankyou token! and one more thing, i gave you such a big honor n you are hesitating for a topi! not gud! topi nai deni thi toh mana kar deti, itna bada blog likh ke refuse krna wasnt required :P :P :)

Parul said...

Right, right, right Buddy!! :D we are wayyyy beyond all this. I feel its our wavelength that keeps us in sync. One knows what the other wants or feels. It 'is' the understanding that has brought us so far & inshaallah we'll be together for years to come( & I'll get to play with ur children ;) ). Log hamari dosti ki misaal denge :)
Baki bohot tareef kar di hai meri, itna toh kuch tha bhi nai :P

About the post, kya karun Alfaaz kam pad jaate hain hamesha. Bohot khoob!! The phrase in the begining aesa lagta hai shabdon ko motiyon me piro dia gaya hai. (Itni hi urdu ati hai :P and i feel its a beautiful language to appreciate & praise things).

All our classmates have come alive in the post, sari observations likh daali(thodi reh gayi hai, save it for the next post). People in the class are so different yet all together. Hmm.. the Taliban needs a round of applause (all hidden talent residing in one corner). And u know what the admiration could have been for you, i might just have been an obstacle in the view :P

Our abode-seating positon has been the same for the past 2.5 yrs(barring 2-3 days in the begining). I am going to miss it
badly(sigh :|)!! All the gossiping, sharing, & what not was done back there. I owe it all to you guys. Had you people not been there, i would have rarely attended college. Only one thing, got to see less of all '5' together in the class this semester, but i guess we made it up by catching up outside college. Ate a lot this semsester, and you'll agree to this fact :P

Gosh Nostalgia all around... I dont know how it'll be within a few months, where we'll land. But one thing's for sure taking along a good deal of memories that will be cherished always!

with lots of love :)


monica said...

Sab ko Shukriya!
Shweta ab tu Wake UP Sid vaala dialogue mat maar. Ya honor toh aacha ha hi n topi bhi mil happy:)Abhi toh party bhi pending ha :P

Parul, agree with you. Hopefully our kids shall play together. Inshallah. Urdu is certainly a royal and beautiful language. Guess what, mere ko bhi aaj kal urdu ka bhoot chad gya ha.
Woh admiration tere liye hi thi! If u remember, he gave u a long stare near the water cooler...hahaha. So don't pass the ball in my court. Next post is coming around soon ;)

Champion said...

padh kar accha laga ki " we are so much popular in the class " ki agar koi class ke bare me describe kare aur hum logo ke baare me sabse pehle likhe. chahe wo kuch meethi ya khatti baatein ho.

thnks alot monika for such a brilliant description.

on the behalf of entire taaliban

sobhit said...

like i said nice read.... dnt think ne1 else has d capacity 2 sum up 60 odd ppl in 1 post wid doin justise 2 evry single person.. be it individually or as a group or gang wotevr ppl call it :P :P.. d 3 angels thing is alil hard 2 digst :P :P said dat b4 2.... but guess bein d gud soul u r , u hv put evry1 n evrthing in a gud lite.. d most apt way 2 sum up things by talkin f wot ppl can cherish rathr dan takin out frustation n clearing stuff by writin irrelevnt stuff like sm wud do :P :P..

i guess bein part f d 2-3 yrs journey its alwaz goin 2 add smthin or d odr 2 all f us.. funny only not many f us realize dat.. or rathr r not smart enuf 2 realise dat... readin ur post wud surely mk lotsa ppl (n it alrdy had) feel dat aftr all d 3 yrs were not dat bad....

1 new thing i did get 2knw tho.. our topper bein a prankster in her grad day :P :P... realy hard 2 blv dat.. 4 personlly she comes across as sa very sincere n focused person... but guess tyms chnge ppl.. smthin am not very fond f.. but guess its onlt matter of tym n evry1 f us wud b chngin in 1 way or d odr....

tho still i blv d very essence of a person alwaz remains d same n deep dwn insyds v'ill alwaz b d way v r

so cheer 2 dis 2010 batch.... wid evry single character in d crwd of 60 playin his/her part in makin d exprnc wot it has been...

n kudos 2 u 4 puttin it all dis beautifully...

Parul said...

maan lia maine monica :P so the ball's not in ur court ;)