Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moments reloaded

The previous post was more or less concerned with my perceptions of fellow classmates. As pointed out in a comment, I have missed out on a lot of things. For now, my memory evades me. This post contains more of my personal experiences and through this medium I want to immortalize them. Perhaps, during moments when I’ll be feeling low, then reading this post shall revive me and restore the good spirits.

Now, where to start from? The first thing that comes to my mind at the moment is the special Kachori and Chocolate pudding and melted truffle pastry. The Kachori is ‘one of its kinds’ and I had never had such a kachori before. Thank you Sobhit for introducing this delicacy to us. It is topped with mashed chole, a special masala and the awesome tangy chutney…heavenly. My mouth is salivating as I write this. The trip to PN market was a weekly affair in those days. And later we would march to the bakery shop to pacify the simulated taste buds. Dipping the plastic spoon in a tub of melted chocolate and nuts and then savoring the chocolate aroma and satiny texture Sweet Mama! This reminds me of a rainy afternoon and evening at Barista’s Lavazza. Man, we had spent nearly 4-5 hours gossiping about random stuff. We had lost track of time completely. Tried hard but I was unable to recall the gossips. All I remember is I didn’t get bored during that duration. I guess that’s what you would call ‘Bakchodi’.

Weeks later, our love for the quintessential Domino’s garlic bread sticks was kindled. Suddenly, all we wanted was garlic bread sticks to tame those casual hunger pangs. That cheesy aroma, shinning dip coupled with oregano on hot and crispy sticks. Plus the blasé talks. Aint’ I focusing too much on food here!

What else! Ahh yes! Cake parties (Food again!). Being the last birthdays in college, we did capture those moments on electronic sensor. Those pictures always light up my face. And yes, our trip to the by lanes of Chandni Chowk in our quest for Giani’s Faluda and spicy chaat. We literally had to force Sobhit for that evening walk. And the very same night, we played the ‘Sentiments of 2 and a half years’ card and hey it worked. He did turn up the next day. And they say guys are not emotional! And how could I forget the coffee, tea and bread pakoda at a Barakhamba road kiosk. Gosh! I remember only the places and the associated food but no talks. Ahh! Yes another point worth mentioning is the visits to the other side of Delhi. I mean dropping us to our door steps after a long day. Kudos to you guys for being so chivalrous!

Coming to the class, I distinctly remember Sonia mam’s outburst on Veenu. She asked him to move out of the class for a misunderstood or shall I say an invisible grin. He didn’t budge for he knew he was being wrongly blamed. She too, stood her ground. Finally, she staged a walkout. I guess our dear MP’s have made walkouts a trend among the masses. The entire class broke out into a laughter of relief. Later, she had to be cajoled and buttered so as she “doesn’t abandon our poor class”. “From where will I get a faculty for OOSE at this point of time?” exclaimed our HOD. That was her sole point of concern. Then there were issues regarding apology letter and outbursts like “why should we sign?” “Why are you signing? No one will sign this!” Days like those made me ponder. What kind of future is awaiting us? We are at threshold of adulthood. Very soon, all of us shall be in the job market. We are the foundation of Superpower India2020. Trivial matters like these indicate that we still have a long way to go regarding morale’s and ethics. We are simply not willing to trust the other party and we have no respect whatsoever for other person’s views. Even after spending two and a half years together as a unit, we failed to arrive at a consensus.

God! I am really scared at this juncture. I feel I am not ready to step out of the cocoon and face the workplace scenario. People say I deliberate a lot. Can’t help it! I find it real hard to tame those wild horses in my mind.

And Yes, wanted to write about the "three musketeers" again. They chat so much! Almost every teacher had pointed that out in her lecture and they were made to sit apart.Every time i used to wonder, from where do they get the content for schmoozing. Two of them are fabulous singers and one of them is an amazing sketcher.I didn't see him sketching in this semester!Wonder what went wrong.Have heard them or shall i say 'caught them red handed' crooning situational songs occasionally.

Wanted to write about Gupta and Gupta or shall I say “The Gupta’s”. They are truly a pair that was matched up above and they were destined to meet in DIAS. God! Their passion, disposition and tastes are so very similar. This takes me back to a bike journey. We were going for a special cause. The ride at around 80 kmph was amazing. Breeze striking past your face and waving the hair locks, I liked that sensation. Vikas, that day is marked in my memory. He always claims that I am one of the best persons he has ever met to this date. Coming from him, I feel honored. Though I get a feeling that he is somewhat scared of me. It’s not just him. There are several other people who have given me this inkling. Do I behave like a Victorian woman or something? (Facebook says that I was one in my past life). Perplexing indeed! Anyhow, if I intimidate them, then in a way that’s good for me. Back off! No Pangaas!

With the departure of our batch, our teachers are on cloud nine. Supposedly, we were the most arrogant and egoistical batch they had ever seen. But I am sure; somewhere in the corner of their hearts they will miss us too.

The journey ahead is a long one. We have to tread the paths alone. I wonder if I’ll get to met genuine and generous souls ahead. Such souls are a rarity in this deceitful and opportunistic atmosphere. I hope we do stay connected in future as well. And by connected, I don’t mean Hi’s and Hello’s via wall posts and scraps or the occasional calls and messages. Though, I confess, I do have this tendency to move on light and not bothering about any emotional baggage. The onus is entirely on the individuals concerned.

Brain has gone completely blank now. A black hole has sucked all those words that were clouding in my head. Thousand plus words already. I fathom, I am done for the day. I really wish I had a class photograph to supplement this post.


sobhit said...

more nostalgia... dis tym seems 2b more specific... n more of offcampus dan on campus feel 2 it :P... smhw dis is wot i blv v did earn of d 2-3 yrs dat hv been... d whole days hunger ending up on khacoris n puddings.. yes indeed 1 wud feel gud readin it wen dwn... am alrdy thinkin of getin d truffle melted...

superpower india 2020.. hmm chalo d post not only revived sm taste buds but also made me alil more informatv 4 der is sm superpower india2020 thing .. thnx 4 dat :P.. 4 am least aware f nething useful

intimidating.. sure u r ... n like u said gud 4u if ppl gota think
2wc b4 talkin nonsense wid u n at d end decyd not talkin crap wid u... not many ppl cn hv dat persona...indeed d royalty 4m ur past life very much remains wid u...

u ended up writing u hv d tendency of moving on lite n not carryin d emotional baggage... hmmm chalo yeh bhi dekh lete hai... probably anothr of d traits f d victorian era,,, detachmnt n letin go f all .. its d highest order dat 1 can achv u r at a level dat many end up tryin but nvr achve... so guess tyms ahd will only tell where n on whome d onus lies... 4 u urself said des 3 yrs hv changed u alot... so evn if d onus lies on d person in den trust me d person or shud i say d ppl will b more dan willing 2 tk d initiatives only hopin 2get a postv response... so keep postin n b rdy 2b get more nostalgic soon :P :P

Parul said...

Nostalgia - nostalgia everywhere! Its getting harder to imagine how it'll be in time ahead to come. Nice post, can see the entire semester flash in front of me right now. Got introduced to lovely delicacies,not to forget the truffles and puddings(umm... mouth watering)! Stronger bonds, late evening loittering.. mention it we did it all ;) And ya the "2.5 saal ka sentiment" trust me works great till date and hopefully it will for time to come. Afterall its one thing we did earn for ourselves.
Feel one post will be too less to sum up the days we spent. So echoing shobhit's words be ready to get more nostalgic ;)